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Beat The Heat: Summer Protective Styles

Summer is HERE, and we have to protect our hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV Rays! Mekia and Tekia have demonstrated so may ways to wear you hair in protective styles this summer!

What is a protective style? A protective style “protects” the ends of your hair from the elements around us. ie: snow, ice, wind, sun.  These elements can  be very damaging and drying to our hair.

We all know that our ends are the oldest parts of our hair.  If we don’t protect them breakage and split ends occur causing us to lose length and damage our hair.

Some people think that the only protective styles are braids, but that’s simply not true.  Here are some examples of protective styles:

1. Buns

2. Braids

3. Twists

4. Sew Ins

6. Hair Wraps/Turbans

7. Flat Twist (with ends pinned away)

8. Two Strand Twists/Mini Twists

9. Pin-Up Styles or Updos

10. Crochet Braids

11. Corn Rows

12. Hats

ATTENTION: Please be careful when installing braids or sew-ins! You dont want to damage your edges, so wear them in moderation.  As they are great protective styles they can cause damage if the braids are too tight or you don’t properly care for your hair underneath.

Here are a few pictures that FashionTwinz84 (Meka and Teka) have done! Protective Styles do not have to be old raggedy styles that grandma used to do…well, some of them are grandma styles, lol…but they are grandma styles on steroids! LOL…We hope that you all enjoy these protective styles! Let us know which ones you try, and if you want to see a tutorial on any of these styles!

Peace, Love & Natural Hair 🙂


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