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4 Ways to Preserve Your Style: On Natural Hair

Hi my lovely Naturalistas! Have you ever gone to bed SUPER tired and did NOTHING to your hair, but put on your bonnet/scarf on?  I know that this has happened to someone out there…then when you woke up the next day; your hair was a complete disaster! LOL…well, I have a few tips that may help you keep your hair style (Twist-Out, Braid-Out, Bantu Knot Out, or even a Wash-N-Go) poppin’ for at least 1 week…(which is wash day for most of us).

1. Pineapple-We have a blog posted already on this method. (Go check it out)  basically; what you want to do is flip all of your hair over, and tie your satin scarf around the perimeter of your head.

2.While your hair is in the pineapple- cover the exposed ends with your satin scarf to keep it away from your cotton bed sheets and pillow case.  Cotton dries out the hair causing breakage and damage! We want to make sure that we retain length by keeping the moisture in our hair!

3. Sleep on a satin pillow case if you choose not to wear a satin bonnet or a satin scarf on your head! Sleeping on a pillow case will decrease shrinkage and also allow your hair to flow freely while maintaining the moisture! It’s a Win-Win! LOL

4. This last and final tip is more time consuming, but WELL worth it! Add some moisture- I like to use good ole’ H20, then begin to Re-twist, Re-braid, Or Re-Bantu Knot your hair in large/chunky sections. Place your satin bonnet on your head, and catch some Z’s. In the morning, just let down your hair, fluff and go! It’s just that simple! 🙂

I hope these tips helps someone! Let me know which tip you decide to try! Please like, subscribe, and refer our channel to someone that you love!

Thank you guys for watching! PEACE, LOVE & NATURAL HAIR!


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