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Wash Day Routine on Natural Hair

Hi my lovely Naturalistas! I hope that you all are doing well! How many of you hate the words “Wash Day” Well I hope that this video will make it easier for you…I actually LOVE wash day! Here are some easy steps to wash, moisturize and detangle your beautiful natural tressess!


1. Rinse you hair with luke warm water to get rid of some of the build-up that is on your scalp.

2. Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt (preferably and old one) this helps reduce frizz and dryness

3. Apply your favorite sulfate free shampoo or your favorite co-wash directly to your roots/scalp. Rinsing your hair will clean your ends, so you want to mostly focus on your scalp when washing your hair.

4. Apply your favorite Deep Conditioner. I used a DIY-Honey & Coconut Oil

5. Let your deep  conditioner sit on your hair under a plastic cap for at  least 30mins

6. Rinse off the deep conditioner after the 30 mins.

7. Apply a rinse off conditioner to your hair/ you only have to leave that in for 3-5 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water

8. Moistureze & Seal-Grab your favorite Leave-In Conditioner, Oil, and Cream—this method is called the LOC Method

9. Style as Normal


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